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About Us


Puppet Collective was formed to carry on the legacy of the late Michael Earl, a wonderful teacher, an amazing puppeteer, and a better human. He taught each of us, and so many more, all about puppetry. When he passed, there was a hole left in the puppeteering community. Through Puppet Collective, we hope to do our small part to fill that hole, and to pass on the knowledge to the next generation of puppetry enthusiasts in a fun, and welcoming environment!

Our Classes


We offer a variety of classes and workshops, and are adding more all the time! 

Check our "Classes" tab to see what we're currently offering, and subscribe to our mailing list to be notified, when we add new classes!

Who Are We?

Nate Hernandez


Nate has been building, and teaching how to build puppets for most of his adult life. In addition to being the head builder for (the now defunct) Puppet School, he has also built puppets for clients like TruTV,, and The Bob Baker Marionette Theater. 

"They had me at 'you will leave with your own completed puppet'. The one day puppet building class with The Puppet Collective is even better than it sounds! The guys are fun, funny, knowledgeable and so helpful. I couldn't be happier with this unique experience. I am so excited for the more advanced classes, and am looking forward to learning more from The Collective."

Philip Collins

Jerry Phan


Jerry has no skills. He's just a pilot, award winning photographer, equestrian, and puppeteer, who does disaster relief, shuttles cancer patients, test pilots experimental aircraft, babysits zoo animals, and regularly finds himself stranded in exotic locales. Not interesting, at all.

Robert Guthrie


Robert has been working in the film industry for over a decade, in a variety of capacities, and has been running one business or another since he was 16. He began puppeteering as a child, and a life long interest led him to training by Michael Earl. He is a Director At Large for the Los Angeles Guild Of Puppetry and also looks great in tights.

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